Welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for stopping by. Come on in and have a look around. I would offer you a glass of lemonade or sweet tea but I can't since this is a blog and there's not yet an app for that. 

About the Blog

Notes From a Feminist Belle is a feminist women's lifestyles blog. Like most women's lifestyles blogs it addresses topics such as beauty and fashion, health and fitness, and friendships and family. However, this blog examines those topics (and others) through the lens of feminism. 

This blog focuses on my life as a southern fried feminist. (Not sure what that is? Click here to find out.) This blog chronicles my attempt to reconcile my feminist ideals with my Southern values and I hope it will also inspire other women to create lives for themselves in which they feel respected and fulfilled. 

About the Blogger 

I, Javacia Harris Bowser, am a feminist blogger, freelance writer, and educator. For several years I worked as a lifestyles and entertainment reporter in Louisville, Ky., but throughout my career I've written on topics ranging from fashion, art, and music to trucking, healthcare, and autocross racing. Currently, for my full-time gig, I teach early American literature, which explains my crush on Edgar Allan Poe and my tendency to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson. A proud graduate of the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!), I also hold an expensive master's degree from University of California, Berkeley, which has yet to pay for itself. (So please hire me for freelance gigs. You'll find my resume here and my writing portfolio here.)

Writing is my passion and I believe my life's purpose is to empower women through the written word. My works have appeared in women's publications such as Heart & Soul, Skirt, and Clutch. My essay "A Woman's Worth" was published in the book Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape, which was edited by Jessica Valenti and Jaclyn Friedman.   

I am also founding editor of the blog GeorgiaMae.com, which explores, feminism, women's and minorities' issues, and music.

When I'm not writing, reading, or grading essays, I'm usually searching for great Mexican food or cupcakes or exercising trying to burn off Mexican food and cupcakes. 


  1. Hi Javacia! I saw a post from your blog on Hairscapades and had to come check you out! I've read all of your posts and I really enjoy them. I like that they make me think about myself and my life so that I'm not JUST reading and I really appreciate your views as some of them I probably would have never thought of myself. I look forward to reading your future posts and keep up this amazing work :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog. I'm very excited about this project and I'm so happy that my words are resonating with you. I really appreciate your support.